A lot of people believe that the financial world is confusing, complex and difficult to understand, so our mission is to help you.

iFuture INVESTMENTS is a team of professionals with many years of experience specialising in the financial market. We advise and help people better understand pension reform, life insurance, property insurance and other financial instruments. We cooperate with several companies, so we can recommend a product which meets your needs exactly.

In Lithuania it is quite new compared to other countries. Until very recently, the state began to encourage people to have a part of social guarantees in private. It can be observed historically that almost all new things start out a little chaotically. In our daily work, we meet a lot of people who do not yet have a good understanding of tax relief, they do not how the main saving measures differ, what laws protect them.

Our experience in consulting people dates back to 2004, from the first pension reform which allowed a part of the funds to accumulate privately. While working with an insurance company and over thousands of financial consultations we noticed that there is no one product perfectly fit for everyone. Everyone’s needs and accumulation opportunities are unique, which is why we founded iFuture INVESTMENTS. Now we can explain and introduce you to various financial instruments or products during the consultation in a simple way.

Complicated things become simple.

The highest level of service and explanation of “complicated” information is usually the main goal of our consultation. We want you to feel confident as the hosts of your future.
The world of finance just seems complicated, we know how to explain everything simply and quickly. By knowing the savings tools, the market and your demands, you will be able to make confident decisions.

Another our strength is the training programme for new specialists. Achieve your dreams by contributing to our mission to grow the financial literacy and sensibility. We invite anyone who wants to learn more, grow as a personality and earn as a professional to contact us.

We invite you to a consultation in all major Latvian cities. It will only cost you an hour of your time. Regarding a consultation in your city, write us a message to info@ifuture.lv or fill in a short form.