We are not a traditional employer – you can find much more than just a job here.

What we can offer:

The income square was described by Robert Kyosaki in his book long time ago, but it is still relevant today.

We are not looking for employees who are blindly selling their time for money. We are looking for people with ambitions, goals and dreams. We offer to contribute to the mission of iFuture INVESTMENTS and achieve your personal goals. We allow to choose income for a person by himself/herself, each iFuture INVESTMENTS financial adviser or manager clearly knows his/her goal and the work schedule is arranged accordingly to it.

Specialist – financial consultant.

Earn solidly by conducting financial advice. It’s not complicated because we have a time-tested introductory programme for newcomers. From the very beginning you will work with a team leader, a professional and by learning the theory you will immediately learn practice. This way you will earn a solid amount from the first month of work! Later you will be able to choose your specialization: consultations for individuals, legal entities, conducting events and seminars, etc.

Entrepreneur – a head of a team, a leader.

This is a position for those who want to earn more. At iFuture INVESTMENTS, everyone has the opportunity to qualify for a managerial position. Standing in one place is really a step backwards, so for those who want to grow further, we have prepared a manager training programme.

An investor is a person who lives from the investments.

With iFuture INVESTEMENTS you have an extraordinary opportunity to achieve financial freedom. Understanding the world of finance, constantly learning and earning solid money, you will want to invest a part of it by yourself. Your financial freedom fund will grow gradually and after a while the return of the fund will cover your necessary expenses. Your financial freedom fund can consist of securities, real estate, rented movable property, and so on.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We are looking for ambitious, impeccable reputation and communicative people.

Do you have any high personal goals? Do you want to learn? Do you love people?

If you answered to these questions yes, we need to meet. Send your CV or a short  to info@ifuture.lv

What are the benefits of working with iFuture INVESTMENTS?

Leaders Club.

Success leaves the traces, learn from those who already have what you want.

99% of success is the inner state, our thoughts and emotions.

By joining us, you will learn more about it, you will learn to focus your thoughts on your goal, and manage your state.


You can choose your income and working hours.

Multidisciplinary work profile.

From consultations or seminars for individuals, to consultations for legal entities or major investors – learn and work with financial products you like the most.