The submitter has the right to apply to the Latvian branch of MB Išmanus investavimas (Agent) or the Latvian branch of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited (Insurer) with a complaint regarding the distribution of insurance services performed by the Agent’s representatives and receive free of charge the response on the merits of the complaint.

The complaint may be submitted in writing:

(1)               to the Agent by post to the Agent’s legal address: Riga, Kronvalda boulevard 3 – 3, LV-1010, or electronically to the e-mail address: info@ifuture.lvor
(2)               to the Insurer:

–                                             – filling in an application form which can be found in the section “Contact us” on its website;                               

–                                             – by post to the Insurer’s legal address: Kronvalda boulevard 3-3, Riga, LV-1010;

–                                             – in person at the Insurer’s legal address: Kronvalda boulevard 3-3, Riga, LV-1010;

–                                             – electronically to the e-mail address:

The complaint shall include the following information:

–     The addressee of the complaint;

–    Name and surname of the submitter (for a legal person – name);

–    Personal identification number (for a legal person – registration number);

–    Correspondence or declared address of the submitter- natural person (for a legal person – legal address);

–    E-mail address (if any);

–    Phone number;

–    Information on the Agent’s representative in respect of whose act / omission the complaint is lodged and the circumstances giving rise to the complaint (including the policy number, if available);

–    List of attached documents, if any;

–    Date and place of signing the complaint;

–    The submitter’s or his/her authorized person’s signature (if not sent electronically).

The Agent shall ensure that the complaint is dealt with as expeditiously, fairly, equitably and efficiently as possible.The Agent shall analyse the complaint, verify the facts set out therein, assess the causes of the findings and take measures to prevent or at least reduce the risk of recurrence.The Agent shall provide the answer in writing in Latvian within 20 days. If, for reasons beyond the Agent’s control, it is not possible to reply within that period, the Agent shall inform the submitter of the circumstances preventing the reply, indicating a reasonable additional time required for its preparation.If the response of the Agent to the complaint does not fully satisfy the requests specified in the complaint, the Agent shall inform the submitter about other possibilities of reviewing the complaint.The complaint may also be considered by the Ombudsman of the Latvian Insurers Association, address: Toma Street 4, LV-1003, Riga, website: authority supervising the Agent is the Financial and Capital Market Commission, address: Kungu Street 1, Riga, LV-1050, e-mail:, website: