The goal: to motivate employees and tie them to the workplace.

Relevant period: 3 – 5 years.

What it is necessary to do: To assess the most productive employees and professionals.

As competition continues to grow in Latvia, companies are forced to pay more and more attention not only to salaries, but also to additional motivational measures. One of them is the employer’s premiums to the third pillar pension fund. For residents, an employer’s contribution to a future pension may be attractive not only because they receive additional premiums to the chosen pension fund, but also because these premiums are not taxable if their amount does not exceed one quarter of the yearly gross salary. At the end of the period, only IIN is withheld.

It is a service for a business where not only funds can be accumulated for the employee’s future, but also the employee’s life or health can be insured. This is the best way to promote the loyalty of the professionals of the company. Your employee is protected around the world, round-the-clock, during work and outside working hours.

It is important either that by insuring your employees, you are the policyholder and manage the insurance contract and become the most coveted employer.