The goal: regular savings and financial support in the event of an emergency.

Relevant period: 1 – 50 years.

What should you do: to assess the amount of the regular premium, which will be invested on a regular basis, it is recommended to invest at least 10 % of the income.

This is a great solution for implementing your plans and ensuring financial stability in the event of emergency.

You can choose a fitting life insurance type, determining if the accumulated funds and the insurance amount is to be paid in in full or the largest of both in the event of death. Thus you can provide a larger premium even if you can only allocate symbolic funds for insurance.

We note that such consistent and responsible savings are encouraged by the state by refunding personal income tax. When paying accumulative life insurance premiums, you can take advantage of the state’s IIN relief. The tax refund is not affected by the premiums paid during the period. The insurance premiums are not taxed.”