The goal: to save money for the future through voluntary savings.

Relevant period: 5 – 50 years.

What should you do: to assess the possibilities and the amount which will be invested in pillar III voluntary savings. In the pillar III, you accumulate money in your pension account, this is your money, which can be withdrawn before retirement, if necessary, and it is inherited either. In the pillar III, pension funds are managed by professionals in their field, whose experience allows us to expect the best return on investment. INVL pension funds are managed by a large team of professional investment managers. The state encourages the population to accumulate for a pension in the pillar III by allowing the use of the personal income tax (IIN) relief. It is also important that premiums to third-pillar pension funds may be made by persons other than the persons accumulating for the supplementary pension. These can be employers, for instance, family members or other persons. It is possible to choose how the money will be paid out from the third pillar pension fund when you receive your pension: at once, in regular instalments or by entering in an annuity from a life insurance company.

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